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If you have a feeling something isn’t right…

Technology-facilitated abuse is real. Abusers may use technology to control, harass or intimidate you. They may carry out physical, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse using technology.

For example, they may hack your phone, cyberstalk you, or use social media, cameras, or other kinds of technology to try to harm or control you or your children.

Even if you’ve told someone and they didn’t believe you…

You have the right to be safe and respected online and in real life.

Signs you may be experiencing technology-facilitated abuse

Is your abuser constantly sending you messages or calling?
Has someone hacked your phone or email?
Is someone cyberstalking you?
Does your partner or ex-partner check up on you all the time?
Is someone posting about you online or threatening to share images?
Does your partner or ex-partner show up wherever you are?
Is your abuser controlling your tech?
Does an ex-partner try to get to you through your children?
Do you feel you need to change what you do to keep someone calm?
Does an abuser have access to your online banking or benefits?
Is your partner using smart home devices against you?
If the steps in the guides don’t solve the problem, or if you feel you’re in danger

Secure your tech

Read our guides on how to secure your tech. Make sure you read our safety information before you use our guides.

Secure your tech

Learn about tech

Use this Glossary to learn more about technology.

Use our glossary

Supporting someone

Learn about how to support someone experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

Supporting survivors