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Safety information

Depending on whether or not you are living with the person who is harming you, you may choose to take different steps. Click on each option to learn more.

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I’m worried I am being watched online right now
I’m living with my abuser / we share devices or accounts
I recently separated from my abuser
I only know them through work, school, or online

Step-by-step guides

If it feels safe, use our guides to secure your phone and other tech.

How can we help you find guides for you to take control of your tech?

Online accounts
Social media
Smart Devices

Tech safety tool

Secure your tech through our interactive tool. Click below to access videos in four languages.

Tech Safety Tool

Home tech tool

Our Home Tech Tool highlights commonly misused internet connected devices in the home and guides you on how to keep them secure.

Home Tech Tool

Learn about tech

Use this Glossary to learn more about technology.

Use the Glossary

We’re here for you

Specialist support is available from Refuge 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Supporting survivors

Learn about how to support someone experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

Supporting survivors