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Guide to securing your Smart Lock

If technology is being used against you, use this website to secure your tech. Learn about technology-facilitated abuse.

The steps below may vary depending on your device. This guide was created based on the Ruveno Biometric Smart Lock. This smart lock uses both fingerprint and app access to activate the lock but the recommendations below should be applicable to most smart locks.

It’s advisable that you keep a key for your door or an alternative way to access your home in the event the smart lock fails or loses power.


Remember, depending on whether or not you are living with the person who is harming you, you may choose to take different steps. Control and coercion make some of these steps impossible or not safe. Read these cautions before taking action.

Secure your tech

Smart Lock guide

Step 1: Log in to Your Account
Step 2: Secure Your Account
Step 3: Authorise appropriate admin accounts
Step 4: Check the Activity Log
Step 5: Control who can operate your smart lock
Step 6: Re-setting the device
Step 7: Customise your Settings

Tech safety tool

Secure your tech through our interactive tool. Click below to access videos in four languages.

Tech safety tool

Supporting survivors

Learn about how to support someone experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

Supporting survivors

Learn about tech

Use this Glossary to learn more about technology.

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