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Do you know someone experiencing technology-facilitated abuse or economic abuse?

Technology-Facilitated Abuse is on the increase. The term is used to describe technology being misused to harass, stalk and abuse another person. Economic abuse is also on the increase with survivors reporting an increase in fraud and coerced debt, many debts are taken out online, hence the importance of ensuring a survivors accounts and devices are secured.

Technology-Facilitated Abuse has real life effects, it is vital that we empower survivors to use technology safely and regain financial freedom. While raising awareness, advocating for safety by design to mitigate the risk of technology being used to harm.

Technology is often just one of many forms of domestic abuse. It may not be safe to talk or share information if their phone or email is being monitored. Help them find a safe way to reach out for help.

What you can do?

Help for professionals

Abusers use technology to carry out physical, sexual, psychological, or economic abuse using technology. For example, they may hack a phone or harass the survivor using social media, they may monitor and track via location settings and trackers.

You can read our tips on how to speak to survivors about domestic abuse. You may be the first person to whom a woman discloses the abuse, so go at their pace. It is critical that you listen to her and believe her.

It is better for the woman to visit this site or contact us directly. You can empower her by sharing information about the guides to securing devices and accounts on this site, explaining who we are, and what it’s like to call us.

Some professionals have duties to support and protect women and children experiencing, or at risk of, domestic abuse. Understand your duties, and the policies and procedures your organisation has in place to recognise abuse and support survivors.

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