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Our new Digital Break-up Tool helps you review commonly used apps on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Our guides will help you to secure each digital platform.

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What is technology-facilitated abuse?

Technology-facilitated abuse happens when someone uses technology to harm or control you.
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Secure your tech

Help is available. You can use our guides to secure your phone and accounts.
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Worried about someone?

Is someone you know experiencing technology-facilitated abuse? Learn how you can help.

Recognising technology-facilitated abuse

Could someone be using technology to harm or control you?
  • Is someone stalking you online or watching everything you do?
  • Is someone harassing you by sending constant messages that upset you?
  • Is someone posting about you online or threatening to share images?
  • Do you feel pressured to share your messages or phone?
  • Is someone controlling or limiting use of your phone? Has someone hacked your phone?
  • Does someone have access to your online accounts and passwords?
  • Is someone trying to get to you through your children’s phone or games?
  • Are you being cyberstalked?
Learn about technology-facilitated abuse