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Secure your location

Make sure it is safe before you start the step-by-step guide

Remember that some actions you take to increase your security or privacy might alert an abuser, and they might escalate their abusive behaviour.

If you haven’t yet, read our safety information.

Steps to secure your location

Removing location tracking can lead abusers to escalate their violence. This can also destroy evidence. Report this to the police, request they check your device for evidence.

Location settings on your phone
Location settings in your Apple or Google account
Location settings in apps
Other ways your location may be tracked

Tech safety tool

Secure your tech through our interactive tool. Click below to access videos in four languages.

Tech safety tool

Supporting survivors

Learn about how to support someone experiencing technology-facilitated abuse.

Supporting survivors

Learn more about tech

Visit this Glossary to learn more about technology.

Use our Glossary