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Depending on whether or not you are living with the person who is harming you, you may choose to take different steps. Click on each option to learn more

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I’m worried that someone might be watching what I do online
I am living with them
I am planning to leave
I have already left
Is someone controlling your access to your tech?
I know them through school or work
I only know them online

Figure out what’s happening

Learn more about controlling tech

How can we help you find guides for you to take control of your tech?

Tech safety tool

Another way to learn about how to secure your tech is through our interactive tech safety tool. The bot includes short videos and tips to walk you through securing your phone, accounts, and other tech.

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Want to become more tech savvy?

Visit our Glossary to find out more about how common technology works.

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We’re here for you

You have the right to use technology positively and safely and take back control of your life. Learn more about steps you can take.

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Supporting survivors

Learn more about what you can do to support someone who is experiencing tech abuse.

Supporting survivors